Jhbuild gnome-terminal in your system gnome-shell

For testing GNOME development snapshot I often need to have a jhbuild gnome-terminal alongside a “system-installed” gnome-terminal (as jhbuild environment modify some system variables), however launching a jhbuild run gnome-terminal from the gnome-terminal will launch another system terminal (don’t know the reason), so I ended using an handy workaround.

Create a script called jhbuild_terminal.sh and save in a directory listed in your $PATH (personally I use ~/bin/)

 jhbuild run /opt/gnome/libexec/gnome-terminal-server --app-id my.foo.Terminal &
 sleep 2
 jhbuild run gnome-terminal --app-id my.foo.Terminal &

This script will launch the server part of gnome-terminal then the client (I used this page as reference). Of course the path to gnome-terminal-server depends on your jhbuild configuration.

Then create a file jhshell.desktop with this content

[Desktop Entry]
Name=JHbuild terminal

and save it under ~/.local/share/applications/

Exec is the command (the above script) that will be launched, so adapt accordingly.
Now if you search for jhbuild in the shell you should find an entry jhbuild terminal and launching the item should result in a jhbuild built gnome-terminal.

This week report

Well, I’m pretty happy of my work this week-end. Being part of the GNOME doc hackfest and taking part of FOSDEM gave me some motivation.


Totem window displaying sources

Yesterday, I started to play with latest totem and discussing a bit with Bastien Nocera (Totem developer) who suggested me I could fix some trivial bugs:

  • Preferences window UI issues: This one was supposed to be really straighforward, but I spend 2 hours figuring why the functions gtk_window_set_modalgtk_window_set_transient_for weren’t working. I ended patching some various part of the code with the same functions, the preferences window was neither modal nor transient. Eventually I came across the property hint_type and changed it for the preference window to GDK_WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_DIALOG and it worked. Perhaps it would be valuable for new comers to mention it somehow in the documentation (sorry if it’s already the case but didn’t see it)
  • Properties header bar looks bad: this one was really easy but after wasting nearly 2 hours of the previous one I needed something really easy, and in a matter of 5 minutes the job was done. Seeing this two bugs, I wondering if using GtkHeaderBar on dialog is such a good idea, because it make the window bar so big, I prefer this way.

So even you’re not a seasoned coder you can help, look in bugzilla your preferred application and ask if you can help. There are always some easy tasks to do that just for you. Some are even tagged as gnome-love in bugzilla.

Another thing, related to totem, I published a video of this pretty development version of totem I was trying. I started publishing videos by December when I had to do a demo of my FLOSS contribution at work and I wanted to show people GNOME in action, so videos seemed to me a good idea. I set up a dedicated channel and I post from time to time some videos (which are kinda lame, I want to improve the presentation).

I also started looking at the Totem documentation, as the current one is outrageously outdated, opened some bugs and corrected some translations.

A pretty busy week-end I’d say.

GNOME Doc fest Part 2 and FOSDEM report

So, some (late) follow up about the doc hackfest which ended up Thursday evening. I finished a review of epiphany documentation and updated with the latest features and removing obsolete cruft. Now it’s on Kat’s hand for review, so I hope it’s going to reach soon git repository. however it remains a lot of thing to do for GNOME 3.12, a lot of applications appeared  or were  changed (like totem) in the 3.11 time-frame.

Documentation Hackfest Pictures

On Friday  morning we (Kat, Dave, Ryan, Mike, Petr, Fred and me) left Norridge to go the yearly FOSDEM conference, (First time I crossed the Channel). Once arrived, I went with Fred Peters  to the traditional French GNOMErs FOSDEM dinner.

And Saturday morning started the HUGE FOSDEM. We, at GNOME, did a pretty good job, I think. We had stickers (I still hear Tobias giving stickers to everyone passing by the booth :), tee-shirts, flyers, badges, Mallard stress balls (thanks to Shaun McCance), posters (printed by Kat) and our friendly love to GNOME project to share with people.

At the GNOME booth promoting at FOSDEM with Tobias, Alexandre Franke, Allan Day, Luis Meninas, Dave, Kat, Michael Hill, Tobias and Florian Mueller, Tuomas Kuosmanen, and so many many people.

Christophe Fergeau, Alexandre Franke and Tobias Mueller

Big thumb up for the marvelous Sri Ramkrishna had its flight delayed by one day and arrived just in time (2 hours before) to present its talk “Swimming with chum in shark infested waters GNOME 3 outreach in the modern age“.

Sri presenting its talk

I didn’t spend a lot of time in rooms as I stayed at the boot, but I went nevertheless to talks of Sri and also the one from the much-hated Lennart about kbus. I don’t understand such hate, Linux kernel deserves a good IPC system, and dbus proved the last 10 years to serve that purpose, and things won’t change that much it seems, just been better integrated and faster (due to less user/kernel space switches).

Saturday evening we went to the annual GNOME beer event hold at La Becasse, and the first floor was crowded, nice. Sunday was as good as saturday, a lot of people everywhere came by the booth. I picked some goodies, in various booths (a warn thanks to Fedora booth for the nice cap people gave me there), I was unable to properly close my bag as it was full :).

More FOSDEM Pictures

Things to improve: Having demos videos to show use cases, and latest features on a screen. I seen also LibreOffice had beautiful hoodies while cheap, we need to have that next year, I’ll have a look how much it would cost to us.

Thanks to the Foundation and all the people who worked for sponsoring me

Thanks to Kat and Dave for their hosting.

Thanks to all people I met, FOSDEM was fantastic. I left Brussels on sunday afternoon exhausted but so happy.

Some introduction seems to be necessary

It appears my blog is currently is reaching some places like planet.gnome.org and planet.fedoraproject.org so I think some introduction may be necessary.

My name is Baptiste Mille-Mathias, I’m French, I’m living in south of France, near Cannes with my partner Célia and my son Joshua and my daughter Soline.

During work days I’m System/Application Administrator on the search engine for  a French ISP which the name refers to a color and a fruit, and during my free time I contribute mainly to GNOME and somewhat Fedora.

I’ve started contributing to GNOME around 2002 or 2003 translating software, writing documentation, reporting bugs, providing patches here and there. I’m also president of the GNOME-FR association that take care of promotion of GNOME in France and French-speaking countries (We have members of Belgium or Switzerland for instance).

I started contributing Fedora few months ago after using Ubuntu few years (actually since private betas), I co-maintain a package called office-runner with Haikel Guemar.

This week I’m contributing to GNOME and Fedora indirectly by taking part to Winter docfest 2014 in UK, I’ve already published a short report already.

Thanks for your attention