About Baptiste Mille-Mathias

By Célia Ferrero

Baptiste Mille-Mathias

My name is Baptiste Mille-Mathias, I’m 35 years old. I live in the South of France, near Cannes.


I’m working as Linux System and Cassandra Engineer for Consulting company Altran, currently in Orange premises as consultant. I do administration, some python development, I use devops methodology using CFengine and Chef also.


I have a wife Célia who has a website, 2 children (Joshua and Soline) and a cat. I can say I’m lucky.

Not a lot to say about me, some may say I’m a geek.


I contribute to . I started around 2003 translating into French. Since then I did Q&A, documentation, some patches here and there, globally everything I can do to make GNOME better. I take part from time to time to events like GUADEC, FOSDEM or HackFest. I really love GNOME project.

I now president of the no-profit association GNOME-FR that gather all french speaking contributors (mainly in France and Belgium)

I contributed to Ubuntu packaging GNOME and desktop related applications, and Bluetooth. These days I’m using Fedora.

You can find some public contribution on github

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