GNOME Trademark and Groupon

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Registered trademark

If you regularly read the minutes of the GNOME Foundation you noticed since few months there is a dispute about the use of the GNOME trademark by Groupon. The company has released a point of sale tablet under the name GNOME despite the trademark being registered by the GNOME Foundation.

So long story short, Groupon try now to steal the trademark GNOME and we need $80,000 to oppose the registration of the 10 first registrations of Groupon. All the details are at So if you have some money to spend, consider giving some to defend the GNOME trademark to raise $80,000 by 8th December.

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Update: It seems Groupon after months of request from the Foundation to change their product name, finally decided to accept this request after the dispute was made public. That’s a good move forward in right direction for us, but I want to see the registrations made from Groupon cancelled, and as suggested by someonee on twitter, I’d appreciate Groupon provide a donation to cover the money already involved in this legal process by the Foundation.