Some introduction seems to be necessary

It appears my blog is currently is reaching some places like and so I think some introduction may be necessary.

My name is Baptiste Mille-Mathias, I’m French, I’m living in south of France, near Cannes with my partner Célia and my son Joshua and my daughter Soline.

During work days I’m System/Application Administrator on the search engine for  a French ISP which the name refers to a color and a fruit, and during my free time I contribute mainly to GNOME and somewhat Fedora.

I’ve started contributing to GNOME around 2002 or 2003 translating software, writing documentation, reporting bugs, providing patches here and there. I’m also president of the GNOME-FR association that take care of promotion of GNOME in France and French-speaking countries (We have members of Belgium or Switzerland for instance).

I started contributing Fedora few months ago after using Ubuntu few years (actually since private betas), I co-maintain a package called office-runner with Haikel Guemar.

This week I’m contributing to GNOME and Fedora indirectly by taking part to Winter docfest 2014 in UK, I’ve already published a short report already.

Thanks for your attention

GNOME docfest 2014 Edition

Wood Work

Came to write docs, actually shaving a door. #WTF
Photo courtesy to Mike Hill and Kat Gerasimova

Time again for GNOME documentation hackfest

After going to write documentation for GNOME to the unknown Czech territory two years ago in Red Hat’s Brno HQ, I’m back again to a documentation hackfest. This year the docfest is hold in UK, in the city of Norridge.
I’m one of the happy guest among other people of lovely Kat & Dave in their house.

The plan is to update the gnome-user-docs module with latest changes that will land for 3.12 and also update application modules or starting documentation for new ones.

I arrived on Friday afternoon, quickly followed by Julita on evening. Mike landed on Saturday morning, after Kat learned me to properly do scrambled eggs, and burn cooked bacon. We had time to do some wood work and then we head up to visit the center of Norridge, like the Cathedral, and some shops and have a delicious typical English sausage at the White Lion (the café).

We worked a bit at the house Saturday afternoon and evening. Oh we had a really good and huge fish’n chips, while waiting for Fred, who had some issue to reach Norridge. On Sunday, we worked the whole day at the house and we went out at 6:00pm to eat at the White Lion, the pub.

Some usual suspects came up to the hackfest, like Phill Bull, Mike Hill, Julita Inca Chiroque, Andre Klapper, Petr Kovar, Shaun McCance…  Sindhu, Aruna and Shobha were supposed to come too, but came across few problems that prevent them to come actually.

Today we came to the Computer Science Department of the University of East Anglia.
So “What I am working on?” you may ask. So far, I started to write the code necessary to support the help infrastructure in Polari, so someone can come up and write the documentation, perhaps me ?
I removed also the dependency on gnome-doc-utils from grilo-plugins, it means jhbuild may not more complain about unknown dependency until someone add broken dependency gconf to ibus :-). I also randomly closed some documentation bugs here and there.

Big thanks to GNOME Foundation for sponsoring me to come to the docfest, to the University of East Anglia for providing the venue. I don’t have enough word to thanks Kat & David for hosting us on their home, and organizing the DocFest

To be continued